THE ultimate warehouse events space


Welcome to oFF GRID

Situated in the heart of Bridgend, OFF GRID stands out as a versatile warehouse events space, perfectly suited for a wide range of engaging activities. From vibrant festivals, captivating screenings, and themed parties to energetic live music performances, OFF GRID offers a dynamic setting that accommodates diverse events with ease.

OFF GRID’s distinct character and adaptable nature make it a favourite choice for event planners and attendees alike. Its expansive layout provides ample room for creativity to flourish, allowing for the hosting of events that celebrate art, culture, and entertainment in its various forms. Whether it’s a daytime festival, an evening of cinematic marvels, a themed masquerade affair, or a night resonating with live music beats, the venue seamlessly transforms to suit the occasion’s unique essence.


Proud to serve Au Vodka on tap

Amazing burgers cooked to order


Our warehouse venue is perfect for bringing your event to life. Hiring the venue means you get up to 10,000 of sq feet to build, design, move, stack, and decorate to your hearts content. No project is too big or too small. We can work with major film studios, hold corporate lunches, launch fashion shows, wedding shows, beer festivals, wedding functions – you name it, we’ll make it happen.